Liphira™Light Technologies

Liphira™Light Technologies

Netflix in the galaxy

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Liphira™ Galaxy Projector

What other Galaxy Projector doesn't have:

1. LIPHIRA™ Lights-technologies
2. 6 Stabilizers, no need for Press and hold. All angles at  ones
3. High-end durable Metal
4. Highest Quality, Build for long life
5. Enjoy every activity with 21  different options and  colors 

 6. Smart Galaxy Projector
✅APP Controlled

✅ Setup with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

✅ Improved projection quality

✅ Mix up to 3x colors + use RGB dial for more options

✅ Set on/off timers and schedules

Verified Testimonials

Me and my 2 Children's enjoying Liphira every evening with a good old Star Wars Film, try it it makes a Fantastic Vibe for Movies, highly recommended.

Katrin H.

Incredible how your mood is getting better by this boring type of days these times. I love it when your turn on the Galaxy in your room and you losing every sign of stress in the moment.

Jacob S.

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